Exercise Your Way to Good Posture

Exercise Your Way to Good Posture

My personal goal this year is to improve my pitiful posture. While it seems like an insurmountable task, I want to give it my best, expectant that I will see some improvement. Having been to a few Chiropractors over the years, I am well aware of just how out of line my skeleton is, and just how much money it would cost to pay for the therapy to resolve these issues.

DIY Wellness

Remarkably, the one thing that offers long-term relief from and correction of poor posture is exercise, and exercise is free! Specifically, exercises targeted at bringing balance to the imbalanced muscles pulling your bones all the wrong ways.
I found a website that does a great job of explaining this, and provides photos to help you identify where you deviate from a properly aligned skeleton. Better still, they provide you with a list of stretches to decrease the pull of over-strained muscles and exercises to strengthen the weak muscles that are not supporting you enough. Every exercise can be found on their website with both a male and female video demonstration. Pretty cool huh?
Personally, I am focusing on Deviations 3 through 7 (I am so out of whack).

Simple At Home Gym Equipment

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To help me with my new goal, I made a recent purchase which I am pretty excited about. As a stranger to exercise I had never given thought to resistance bands, I’m not even sure I knew what they were, but let me just say that for about $11 you can essentially replace every machine in the gym. I am amazed at their versatility and the minimal space they take up. I cannot emphasize enough how brilliant of a purchase this is. You don’t need machines or dumbbells. You can find a resistance band method on YouTube to substitute any exercise you would normally use a machine or weight for (think row machine, bicep curls, I could keep going).
The bands come in a range of colors, each color representing a different resistance strength which equates to the same weight. I bought the green one, which is 10-12 lbs of resistance. I love that I can upgrade to a stronger resistance as I become stronger (or you can save by buying a bundle package). Each band comes with a little piece of material that works as an anchor. You can slide it between a door and it’s hinge/frame, close the door and then loop your band through the anchor loop that is now secure in the door. This creates stability that mimics many of the machines at the gym. You can also buy an ankle strap (included in the bundle package) to do the leg exercises that you would normally do on gym machines.
There are rave reviews of Black Mountain’s product guarantee and customer service, which makes me even happier about my purchase.
It still blows my mind that I can have everything found in a gym, in the privacy of my own home, for FAR less than a gym membership, and I’ll have these tools forever, instead of having to pay for them monthly or yearly.
Check out the posture article and see what posture category you fit in!

Have you ever tried using resistance bands?

Exercise Your Way to Good Posture

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  1. You are correct…resistance bands work great. Going to try the website for stretches. I had a freak accident last week and the doctor told me to stretch everyday. I only know a couple, so hopefully, the website will help.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that Grams! Let me know if you need any help finding the demonstrations. You can simply type the stretch you are looking for in the search bar at the top of the posture web page. 😀

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