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The easy way to bag lettuce at the grocery store
The easy way to bag lettuce at the grocery store
Photo Credit: Paula Chang

Doing life more efficiently is all about the little wins which really do add up to a more productive, well managed existence. Today I am sharing 5 totally random but very effective ways to streamline simple tasks and get the most out of something, leaving you with more free seconds during your day and less frustration.

  1. Don’t waste time folding underwear or pajamas (at least not the kid’s). Seriously. I read this somewhere once, and it has really made laundry a little less burdensome. Wrinkly underwear just don’t matter because ain’t nobody gonna see ’em! And no one is going to church in their pajamas, that is that. Feel the freedom.
  2. Wrap celery in aluminum foil. I cannot tell you the science of why this works, but trust me, it works. My celery stays crisp for weeks. It is a kitchen miracle.
  3. Bag bulky produce before you tear the bag off the roll. I may be alone here, but I just solved this serious dilemma recently. It is so annoying to wrestle a wild bunch of kale or a head of leafy lettuce dripping with water into those tiny plastic bags full of static cling. I end up with lettuce all over the grocery store floor or water all over me. Not fun. Recently I bagged my lettuce in about 4 seconds. It was amazing. I simply opened up the bag while it was still attached to the roll (which anchors it in place) and shoved my lettuce in, then tore the bag off. If there was ever a time to use the phrase “easy peasy lemon squeezy” it is now.
  4. Re-use dryer sheets for dusting. Before you throw out a used dryer sheet dust with it! These tiny little squares have some amazing dust-attracting power. For irritating jobs like dusting your return air vent, one little square can really do a lot; rather than just pushing the dust further into the vents, or having it all accumulate in blobs and then fall on the floor, it actually sticks to the dryer sheet.
  5. Don’t put up with the incessant influx of junk mail that comes to your home. Sorting and trashing it becomes such a bother, not to mention the waste of materials, energy and money it takes to produce, send and deliver it. You can opt out of the generic junk mail that arrives, as well as credit card offers, with minimal effort. This .gov website gives you the url’s and phone numbers for how to do that. It’s very simple and costs you a postage stamp to mail back a post card confirming that you would like to opt out of credit card offers forever. I provided the .gov website to hopefully give you comfort that it is credible and not a scam, because you do have to enter your social security number to opt out of the credit card offers. Additionally, opt out of pesky magazines by calling the company and asking to be removed from their mailing list (because what a waste of paper!). All together, just think about how many resources you are prolonging because they weren’t wasted on something that went straight in the garbage. I’m sure your mail carrier will also be glad not to make the extra trip to your mailbox.

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