3 Amazing Meals Guaranteed to Distinguish Your Dinner Repertoire

3 Amazing Meals Guaranteed to Distinguish Your Dinner Repertoire

I try so many new recipes each month. I love learning through new flavors and methods, although sometimes the end result isn’t what I would call a “keeper”.

Over the last couple months though, I’ve hit a few goldmines of flavor—like, mind-blowing, can’t-put-your-fork-down flavor. They happen to fall nicely into three different categories, the first of which is family night.

Naturally, these are perfect for kids, and I am willing to bet that you will get zero complaints about this dinner. Unless you have a 3 year old daughter named Nora, who thought you said you were making cinnamon buns for dinner, and was disappointed to see that they were in fact, pizza buns. Telle est la vie avec les tout-petits. Such is life with toddlers.

Pizza Buns from Simple As That

Now HOLD ON. Before you skip right past this one, dismissing it as total junk food, look again. These Pizza Buns are assembled with a homemade dough. It’s up to you how homemade you want these to be. You could of course buy pizza crust dough, but it won’t compare to the soft fluffy cinnamon bun-like dough in Rebecca’s recipe. You could also buy a jar of pizza sauce, or you could make this delicious homemade sauce with practically NO effort. I even found nitrite and nitrate free pepperoni slices at The Fresh Market. These pizza buns had all the indulgence and comfort of pizza but really stood out with quality flavors that were truly outstanding. It made enough for an army too, which is nice, because freezing these is a great option.

Now when you are ready to ditch the kids and have a date night in, you should make this Mushroom Pasta with Goat Cheese from Lindsay at Pinch of Yum. I bumped up the flavor just a bit by using the Silver Goat Herb & Garlic Goat Cheese log from Trader Joe’s, but you can go either way and you will definitely impress your spouse.

Date Night Mushroom Pasta with Goat Cheese from Pinch of Yum

This last one is a celebration of all things summer. It has a refined southern feel, which makes it the perfect updated classic Sunday meal. I have to confess that I am usually not a fan of chicken pot pie. That’s probably un-American or something, but most of them are bland, drowned in thick, goopy, floury sauce and taste of frozen, pre-cut vegetables. This Summer Chicken Pot Pie Crostata is the glorified, perfected version of Chicken Pot Pie. It is everything Pot Pie was ever meant to be.

Summer Chicken Pot Pie Galette
Summer Chicken Pot Pie Galette from How Sweet Eats

I actually cheated and used an Immaculate Baking Co. Pie Crust, and instead added the dried herbs to the filling, but after tasting the filling, I swore that next time I was going to make Jessica’s real-deal, homemade one because while the store-bought tasted fine, I felt like it wasn’t worthy of the delicious contents inside of it. When my husband tasted this he asked, “Can you replicate this?” and a little confused by his funny way of questioning, I said, “You mean make it again just like this?” and he said, “Yes, like, once a week.” It was that good!

Cooking requires effort, and sometimes you just don’t have that much energy to give at the end of a long day. I think it makes it so much more worth it though if you know that the end result is going to be something amazing. I hope these three meals inspire and motivate you to work some flavor magic in the kitchen this week 🙂


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