Don’t Be Tricked by Treats! 5 Ways to Avoid 5 Pounds

Don't Be Tricked by Treats! 5 Ways to Avoid 5 Pounds

Don't Be Tricked by Treats! 5 Ways to Avoid 5 PoundsIt’s the day after Halloween and candy has taken over my kitchen. In addition to the Halloween candy, my daughter’s birthday is October 30th, which means we also have half a birthday cake and a huge stash of leftover smores ingredients stockpiled. If your home isn’t that bad, you still have to face the grocery stores which are now practically giving the candy away at super clearance prices. From now until January it’s a battle baby.

I’ve made huge strides toward success lately in my fitness goals but Halloween certainly puts a damper on things. Oh yeah, and then there is blog post after post of all the sumptuous and delectable things I’m supposed to make for Thanksgiving. Heavens above, I just don’t know how to have the best of both worlds: health and flavor. Well, actually I do know… it’s more a question of whether or not I have the self-control and determination to make the better choice e-v-e-r-y day. Self-control to say no to the junk, and determination to find recipes and substitutions that meet my expectations.

Here’s reality. Candy is cutely packaged in tiny, “fun-size,” colorful wrappers, and it is dang near impossible to resist tasting a morsel of your childhood. But I thought you would find it helpful to be equipped with a knowledge of the effect of your chosen indulgence, and some handy, simple ways to counteract those calories. Knowledge is power, and in this case, a knowledge of just how much work you need to do to burn that Kit Kat off may give you the power to say no or stop after just one.

  1. You may just wanna go ahead and print this out: A list of the most common fun-size candies, their calorie count and how many jumping jacks you will need to do to burn just one off.
  2. Here is another list of candies, ranked from worst to best, taking into account calories, as well as quality of ingredients. It gives you the “lesser of two evils” scenario.
  3. You may have noticed from that first list that most of these choices require an average workout of 10 minutes to burn off. Yikes. Here is a free 10-minute, fat-burning workout from Astrid Mcguire. Here is an awesome 10-minute cardio burn workout that will kick your butt, from Jillian Michaels for $1.99
  4. Don’t forget, your kids are eating this junk too! They need to stay active. Bo on the Go is this quirky but effective show where Bo asks you to move with her to accomplish the goals on her journey. There’s lots of jumping and running in place and reaching and dancing. I do it with my kids and even I’m out of breath! Netflix streams Season 1 of Bo on the Go, and Amazon has the first season on DVD for $5
  5. Don't Be Tricked by Treats! 5 Ways to Avoid 5 PoundsDrink lots of water! This keeps your body hydrated, and often times it is dehydration that causes sugar cravings. If you invest in a nifty water bottle (this is my favorite) you’ll have a new pet obsession that helps you track how much you should be drinking. That will keep you focused and not as likely to get distracted with mindless snacking.

The path to fitness and health is the rockiest in this last quarter of the year. Don’t be dragged down by the weight of past failures. As any Anne of Green Gables fan knows, “Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.” Move forward!

P.S. I’ve been noshing on these this week. They are one of my favorite quick cookies. They are so tasty that they still require self-control, but they are so much better for you than Halloween candy. I skip the vegan chocolate chips and use regular semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate chips.

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  1. I just pinned this! I’m so glad I’ve found your blog; I’ve recently resolved to lose weight the healthy way and this is a great resource. Thank you!

    1. So glad it was helpful! On Instagram I share a bit more of my “fitness side” and some motivational posts so feel free to find me there too. @readcookdevour For me, seeing other people in my feed doing what it takes every day to reach their goals really motivates me to stay on track!

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