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My Favorite Amazon Finds

The products on this page are items I have personally tried and would recommend. I love using Amazon Prime! If you question whether the membership is worth the money, just wait until Christmas. When you need a last minute gift on December 22, you’ll thank yourself for the investment.

*links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I receive a small commission from Amazon for referring you to these products (at no additional charge to you). All opinions are genuinely my own and I appreciate your trust in my recommendations. Thank you for supporting the future of Read Cook Devour.*

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The mixing spoon pictured there, comes in a rainbow of colors. They are sturdy and long-lasting. I love the silicone coated spoon because it is easy to clean and makes for smooth stirring and no noise (no terrible scraping sounds of metal on metal). There is really no sufficient way to describe how great these spoons are, so you should order one and watch it become your pet kitchen utensil.

The gallon and half-gallon mason jars with wide mouths are perfect for pantry food storage. Since buying them I have never looked back. You can see them in my kitchen here.

I think this salt box (with a spot for pepper too!) is just darling. It has that “farmhouse” vibe. I like to keep my salt handy as it is the #1 thing utilized in my kitchen. In my opinion, a salt box is the mark of a seasoned cook (don’t you just love a good pun?). You will salt your food better and more accurately if you are touching it with your hands. You get a better sense of how much is making contact with your food. It is easier to salt things sufficiently if you are not tiring yourself with having to coax the darn stuff out of a shaker.

I have found that a few pretty ceramic dishes in my refrigerator make the contents therein more inviting. Any fruit piled in the berry basket looks more appetizing, and eggs already unpackaged just beckon to be cooked. Perhaps prettier food is less likely to go to waste,

The OXO cutting boards are a dishwasher safe gem. 3 sizes and all so wonderfully resistant to stains and scratching. These will last you far longer than any regular plastic cutting board.

A little dish scrubbie doesn’t have to be horridly neon. A natural wood handle and white trim make for a neutral kitchen tool rather than an eyesore. Those tough bristles are ideal for removing gunk and helps to keep your washing sponge fresher longer.

This ice cream scoop is the best of the best. You probably didn’t even know ice cream scoops could be this amazing and essential to scooping ice cream until you’ve tried this one. It’s one of my favorite kitchen tools.

I love my glass tea kettle. Don’t be afraid! It can sit right on your stove burner (both gas and electric) and looks pretty cool when the water boils. With glass you don’t have to worry about toxicity from heated plastic parts or bits of enamel coating in your water. I started with the small one, but then upgraded to the larger one.

Ever since I purchased this meat thermometer, my chicken has come out perfectly moist and not overcooked. Best investment.

Glass spray bottles are never without a purpose. Mix up your own household cleaners for a fraction of the cost of store brands and bottle them attractively.

Those cheese bags are magical. I cannot explain it, but they legitimately keep cheese fresh for weeks longer than anything else.

Chemex is the way to go for good coffee (in my opinion)!

I’ve had these dishes for a couple of years now and they are holding up well. I haven’t had one break yet. I get complements on them frequently from dinner guests. They have a unique thick edge to them and the dinner plates are exceptionally large. The barley color makes them positively perfect farmhouse kitchen dinnerware.

I talk more about that cast iron grill pan and triple timer here.

World’s best, most affordable blender. My review is tucked in this post.

Kids plates! I love this brand. For plastic, my hopes were not high, but boy was I proved wrong. These plates are crazy durable, dishwasher safe, and bright and colorful (no fading!). My only problem is wanting ALL THE COLORS.

The Holman Christian Standard Journaling Bible is my favorite. In years past I moved from NIV, to ESV, and now this HCSB. This is most definitely my favorite. You will find this translation more accurate, in many cases, to the original Greek and Hebrew. The vocabulary is rich and the structure flows nicely. I love the lined margins for adding notes.

Valley of Vision is pray-able, quotable, meditate-able. This book demonstrates prayers of repentance, praise, contemplation, exaltation, grief and supplication. It is rich with truth from the Puritans, and challenges me to stir my affection for my heavenly Father through the discipline of prayer.

Prayer, by Ole Hallesby, is a book every Christian should have on their shelf. It should not gather dust though. It is one that ought to be read and re-read as often as possible. I have never learned more about prayer than when I read that book, and I return to it frequently to adjust my thoughts toward prayer and convince me more of my need of it.

I take notes with the Frixion pens, which conveniently have erasable gel ink. This is a must for me because my handwriting is terrible. I didn’t want to commit to writing in my Bible, for fear that down the road I may have updated insights to add and there might not be room, but with erasable ink my dilemma is solved.

I held out for a long while before buying an essential oils diffuser. I am glad I finally took the plunge. It is such a holistic way to freshen a room. Depending on my mood or physical state, I choose an oil (maybe lemon if I am feeling like I need to perk up, or lavender if I want to relax, or a blend of orange and cinnamon if I want to feel cozy). The diffuser looks pretty with it’s changing lights (which you can adjust to stay one color or rotate through all of them) and it makes everything smell pretty.

This exercise mat is EXTRA thick which means no bruised spine for me. I always hated that about my hardwood floors.

Resistance bands are a convenient way to work on strengthening different muscle groups and working on your posture. They are easy to store and have a variety of functions. Ultimately, the best reason to buy them is because they are way more affordable than a gym membership.

I have more than one water bottle, but this was the first one I ever bought with intentionality. It really did motivate me to drink more water. I love the hourly timeline printed right on the bottle. It helps me keep up throughout the day and stay hydrated. Plus it’s a pretty color!

I recently changed my entire skincare routine (thanks to the knowledge of a friend and skin care enthusiast) and I now cleanse my face and remove my makeup very simply with safflower oil. My skin is prone to acne, and has excessive oil. Since switching to the oil cleanse method, particularly with safflower oil which is high in linoleic acid, the oil production in my face has significantly reduced and I have had far fewer breakouts. I’ve provided the product link here so you can read up on it, but you will find it more affordable to buy directly from

I enjoy removing my makeup and the oil with microfiber washcloths. They give me that extra, deep-down clean feeling.

Having oily skin means that most mascaras I have used give me “raccoon eyes.” I look for mascaras that are smudge proof, rather than waterproof. The smudge proof ones are oil resistant. I have tried many, and this one by L’Oreal gives my barely-there lashes a noticeable boost. I haven’t looked back. (P.S. I am also prone to itchy eyes with most mascaras, and this one does not make my eyes itch either!)

I’m pretty picky about lip balm/moisturizer. I hate pretty much all the drug store brands as they make my lips feel drier and more in need of moisture than when I started. Aveda’s “lip saver” is one of the few that do not.

These 5 pocket leggings are the best, if you can get past the model’s giraffe legs in some of their stock photos. The fabric is surprisingly substantial and not at all the kind of thin spandex tights you see on some people, but wish you hadn’t seen. These are not ultra clingy, and they are not see through when you bend over. They also look alot like pants with fully functioning pockets. I like jeans, but these are so forgiving with their stretchy waistbands and this momma could use all the encouragement she can get. I don’t need a tight pair of jeans emphasizing my excess every day. I know it’s there, and I’m doing the best I can. Until then, I’m gonna be comfortable gosh darn it. Can I get an Amen?These leggings are so affordable that I have them in 3 colors and will probably end up ordering more.