Solomon’s Temple: Gilded Gourds & Filthy Rags

Solomon's Temple: Gilded Gourds & Filthy Rags

Believe it or not, gilded gourds did not originate with the likes of Martha Stewart. Embellishments such as these are first mentioned in the Old Testament, during the construction of the temple. In 1 Kings, Solomon is chosen to build God’s temple and he spares no expense. Cedar, gold, and precious stones are the building […]

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6 Satisfying Dinner Salads

6 Satisfying Salads You'll Gladly Swap Your Supper For

When someone tells me they are “just gonna have a salad” the look on my face is one of pity and confusion. I don’t understand why they would punish themselves like that. That is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but really, when it comes to eating salad for dinner, it has to have substance. Today I am sharing six tasty salad […]

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