Do You Hear Wisdom Calling?

Do You Hear Wisdom Calling?

We innately filter life and choose what we spend our time on. We process information for the purpose of selecting what we deem valuable for survival and enjoyment—the funniest videos, insightful articles, genius life hacks. This is good. The search is legitimate and innate, but above all the voices vying for our attention, there is one voice that we must hear clearly above the rest. Only one voice offers true wisdom for life and fulfillment, the rest are hollow promises.

I’m active on social media, I check out new books from the library, read trending articles, and make time for self care— often looking to those things for meaning and fulfillment.

But no matter how desperately I chase it, the wisdom of the world fails as a balm for my battered emotions and nourishment for the hunger in my soul.

Jeremiah describes how the people of Israel were caught in the same foolish cycle:

“They have abandoned Me, the fountain of living water, and dug cisterns for themselves, cracked cisterns that cannot hold water.”

 Jeremiah 2:13

I am an expert at digging broken cisterns.

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Do You Hear Wisdom Calling? | Proverbs | Above the Commotion | Listening to God's Voice
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