Practical Ways to Live Purposefully

Practical Ways to Live Purposefully | Small Acts Big Impact

I’ve been thinking lately about how to be strategic in doing meaningful acts of service for others. If you read my last post about minimalism and decision fatigue then you know that being intentional with my time and possessions is important to me. I want to grow in how I can extend myself to serve others, and I want to model that for my children.

If our actions never reach beyond the scope of our family, then we are living in a bubble.

Our lives ought to reach beyond serving our own happiness and look to bring care and happiness to others. Jesus’s example is hard to ignore. He was always traveling, ministering to crowds, going out of his way, and helping those no one else would help.

Search for opportunities to demonstrate the love of Christ in your church and greater community.

There are so many wonderful, creative ideas out there and many of them are very small acts (that are actually quite fun) and have huge impact in people’s lives. Below are just a few I’ve been collecting and am working toward implementing week by week. There are also a few ideas included for being purposeful with your children, because we have a responsibility to impact their lives positively too!

Super Simple

Bring cookies to a neighbor or friend

Send an encouraging note or surprise gift

Support Immigrants and Refugees Through Travel in the U.S.

Paint Kindness Rocks and Hide Them

Raise money for an Animal Shelter when you Walk Your Dog

Out and About

Pick up trash in your neighborhood or at a park

Learn about Responsible Travel

When Costco Is Your Mission Field

Pass out Popsicles at a Park or Splash Pad

Secret Grocery Store Gift Cards

Wait/”kill time” with your kids using this app or this one.

Serve Relationally

5 Specific Ways to Minister to Military Families

Making a Difference With Child Care

20 Ways to Love the Fatherless When You Aren’t Called to Adopt

Get Creative

Build a little free community library right in your yard! I love this inexpensive DIY version. (You can also register your library and add it to the world map.)

Make cards and deliver them to a nursing home, hospital, or orphanage.

Put Together Bags of Essentials and Snacks – Pass them out to the homeless or even folks who wait at the bus stops

I also want to look for ways to make the most out of the small moments at home.

You might like these ideas at home:

Ministering to and Giving Your Children and Husband a “Reset” at the End of Each Day

Memorize One Verse from Each Book of the Bible

I love that this gives you a comprehensive familiarity with the bible.

Each verse is uplifting or instructive.

They are simple enough to do with your kids!

(The above link is for the roundup of Genesis – 2 Kings, the other verses can be found elsewhere on the same blog, Vickie told me a full roundup of all the verses in one post is coming soon!)

Make Room for Jesus

Don’t get stuck because you feel overwhelmed by a list! Pick one thing and do it once a month to start. When you get comfortable with that move on to a different area. Pairing up with another family is also a great way to share the work of planning and organizing these activities. Pin this and refer back to it!

Practical Ways to Live Purposefully | Small Acts Big Impact | Selflessness | Community Service | Kindness
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  1. Thank you Stephanie! These are such great ideas, I was JUST reading about Kindness Rocks and I’m thinking of making them with the kids. ???? I’ll be considering several of these actions as well!

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