10 Free Christian Books With Solid Theology

10 Free Christian Book With Solid Theology

Here are 10 free digital versions of Christian books I can recommend confidently. They have solid theology and thought-provoking content that challenges my heart.

I’ll be the first to tell you that reading on a screen is not my first choice. Good old fashioned hard-bound paper books are always my preference, but sometimes it’s easier to pull out an e-reader or your phone. When I’m in a waiting room, or somewhere dark, having an electronic book handy is so nice. If you are using your phone, download the kindle app, it makes navigating much easier.

A one page devotional, each based on one verse in the Bible. There is a morning and evening devotional for every day of the year. The leatherbound edition is especially pretty and would make such a thoughtful gift and keepsake.

This book built my faith in God. Some of the stories in here gave me goosebumps. Five remarkable women with very diverse lives. There is something here for everyone. Want a tangible copy? Get that here.

I appreciate anything John Piper writes. His passion for God is contagious. My husband and I started reading this together. Truth be told, we have not yet finished it, but it’s nice to have something productive to do as a couple. Hard copy here.

I have read this a couple of times. What an awesome and concise meditation of the short time and narrative that occurs as our Savior hung on that tree. The words in this book grip my heart and grab my attention. They call me to look at the gift of salvation with fresh eyes, again and again. You might want this one on your tangible bookshelf too.

The subtitle really tells you what this book is all about. How to fight for joy. This book changed the course of my walk with the Lord, and it is one I will return to over and over to remind me of the supreme value of God in my life. You might need a highlighter and a hard copy too.

Personally I haven’t read this one, but it has several reliable authors: Tony Reinke, David Mathis, John Piper, and five more. This book takes a close look at Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony and Lust. If you’re in to killing trees for a good cause, you might want this.

This is on my reading list. The subtitle is “Desiring God Through Fasting and Prayer.” Order a hard copy here.

A few posts back I was talking about the idea of longing for constant communion and deep relationship with God. This book pursues the same topic, and it too is on my reading list for the future. This one is so affordable you could give it away after you’ve dog eared all the corners. (Are you a corner bender? Shame on you!)

This book is filled with rich encouragement for every soul. It is hard not to highlight every word. Hallesby has changed my thinking on prayer again and again. As I have said many times, I could read this book on a monthly basis, and still have truth to apply to my life and changes to make. A copy in every room of your house might not be ridiculous.

Hexaemeron is Greek, and it translates “six days”. This is essentially a commentary on the days of creation, written in roughly 370 AD. Because of how little was known scientifically at that time, it is a little funny to read some of Saint Basil’s ideas about light and other elements and how they work. He has such a beautiful way of contemplating Scripture though:

“May God Who, after having made such great things, put such weak words in my mouth, grant you the intelligence of His truth, so that you may raise yourselves from visible things to the Invisible Being, and that the grandeur and beauty of creatures may give you a just idea of the Creator.” 

hardcopy is very affordable.

Which one are you going to download and read? 

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10 Free Christian Book With Solid Theology | Charles Spurgeon | John Piper | Ole Hallesby | A.W. Tozer | A.W. Pink | Kindle Reading
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