Undivided: A Study in 1 Samuel

Undivided Customizable Devotional Bible Study 1 Samuel

Give Me Understanding That I May Live

Do you ever struggle to find the connecting thread in the story-line of the Bible? Do you wonder what some of the Old Testament stories have to do with Jesus, or Christianity today? Sure, Moses and Abraham have their place, but sometimes, it can be difficult to find application when reading stories about Samson or King Saul.

I knew reading my Bible was important, but it was difficult to find the motivation each day when my time spent in the Word was not fruitful. I used to feel so stuck. I realized that in order for my quiet time to be meaningful, I needed to be able to read and understand what was in front of me—and not just understand it, but remember it enough to apply it and share it with someone else.

My Bible reading habits began to change and take shape, and God’s Word came alive! Not just the books I was really familiar with, but even the more intimidating ones. I started learning how to recognize language and themes in my Bible, and began to use a whole set of criteria that revealed an intricate plan of salvation on every page!

James 1:5 says “Now if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives to all generously and without criticizing, and it will be given to him.”

I have seen God answering this prayer daily in my life, and perhaps you too are ready to go beyond surface level Bible reading.


Why Study 1 Samuel?

If you are thinking it seems like an obscure choice, let me explain why I think this book is so valuable!

1 Samuel is ultimately the account of David’s rise to kingship, you will see so many parallels to King Jesus, the Son of David, and you will never read your New Testament the same again!

My devotional, Undivided, helps you recognize the connecting thread, the themes, and even the language clues that reveal the wisdom and genius of the Author (God). The riches in His Word are infinite, and God takes great delight in revealing them to us.

Undivided Preview

Undivided Preview










What You Get:

Undivided takes you through the entirety of 1 Samuel in a 53 page downloadable e-book with 14 lessons you can work through at the pace that suits you best.

•See how reading assignments put the focus on the breaks in the original story (before chapter markers were put in).

•Get a summary of the main characters in each section so you know who and what to give the most attention to.

• Lock the main point in your brain by referring to the “Big Picture Takeaway” at the beginning of each day.

•Expect an enriched understanding of Scripture through a collection of devotional readings. 

• Know what to do with what you just read! Application questions to help you think critically and connect the text to other truths in the Bible

• Apply what you just read, with prayer prompts.

There are so many wonderful connections to discover, themes to highlight, and words to unpack. I pray this will begin to whet your appetite for the feast of riches in God’s Word. 1 Samuel might just be your new favorite book after this!



“Would I recommend Undivided?
Absolutely.  If you’re studying on your own, just take it at your own pace and give yourself the time and grace to process and reflect/journal before moving on to the next section.  Seriously, though, this is one of the best Bible studies I did this year.  So much so that the next one I did was kind of a let-down :/.  And can I say, I’m so glad Stephanie picked 1 Samuel?  I don’t see nearly enough studies of the Old Testament historical books.  God’s story – even the crunchy parts – is so powerful and we need great tools like this to help normal people get into the Word.”

-Joy of Real World Bible Study


“I loved this study! I was instantly impressed with it when I realized that Stephanie was not taking us through chapter by chapter, but rather scene by scene. This is something I love, but do not see often, and I found that it really made a difference several times in noticing things I hadn’t before, just because I was reading the whole story at the same sitting. As I began digging deeper, I also loved the additional scriptures that were suggested, and the thoughts that Stephanie shared with us; they really got me thinking and eager to keep going!

Each chapter came with a application/reflection section that I found was done really well; the questions were simple enough that you could simply ponder them for a few minutes, but they were also deep enough that you could truly spend a long time working through them in your study note book”

– Bri Shaffer of Forget Not His Benefits


“Wow! This in-depth study of First Samuel reminds me of some of the “big name” Bible studies that I have done through the years.”

– Aryn of Aryn the Libraryan