Fight the Good Fight

Fight the Good Fight | Armor of God | Battling the flesh | Satan | Spiritual Warfare

“We always carry those domestic enemies with us—sin and the old Adam.” Olympia Morata (1526-1555), Reformation Women This quote took me by surprise. On the days when I think I’m doing pretty good at staying connected to Jesus, I can easily let my guard down. I coast on yesterday’s quiet time, and wait till I […]

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Immeasurable Fullness in Christ

Immeasurable Fullness in Christ | Ephesians

One thing that is certain with children is if you give them an empty space, they will fill it. Whether a trinket box, a satchel, a plastic egg or an envelope, a child’s imagination knows no limits when it comes to spectrum of things they think up to fill that new space. This week, as […]

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